Dream big & carpet the big spaces


The first designer, inventor, and manufacturer of valuable customized and luxury large scale, unified, and custom-built machine-made carpets in the world. Manufacturer of the first and the widest large-scale carpeting project of the world (Heydar mosque Azerbaijan - Baku)


About our expert group and our missions

In 2001 July, in the country of masterpiece carpets “Iran” and in the heart of Yazd historical city, “Eslimi carpet“ a brand that means (One of the decorative motifs on carpets and other traditional Iranian arts) established and entered to the carpet industry and manufacturing arena by a group of designers, carpet experts, and experienced engineers. At the beginning of 2011 Eslimi carpet group moved their central office and the factory to “Kashan” as one of Iranian historical cities and heart of carpet industry in Iran for develop and continuity. Designing and producing of exquisite large size carpets is professional activity of this group. Now, with new designing and coloring knowledge for unified large-scale carpets, machine-made carpets are created with maximum handmade appearance which is one of the most innovative fields in carpet industry for domestic and international markets. Synchronizing with any unique decorations is importantly features of these carpets with considering customized preferences such as houses, luxury buildings, mosques, hotels, palaces, and all kind of large indoor areas. Eslimi Carpet group by partnership with Aladdin Carpet as a well-known international brand are resolute to introducing to worldwide markets as one of the most innovative fields in floor carpeting and are pleased to provide best services and innovative designs with highest standards with measurement, evaluate, and visit the sites by expert teams and advising to designers, decorators, and contractor companies to carpeting specific and unusual size areas and asymmetric areas even by numerous columns which exists in any areas where needs to having professional solution. We honor to respond to any questions related to pattern size, dimensions, design, color, carpet reeds, density, thickness, and even appropriately by our technical sales department in Iran, Oman, Qatar, Germany and USA.


The benefits of big machine-made carpets

  • Beauty and display of carpet greatness in luxury decoration and architecture as an essential and valuable commodity.
  • Homogeneity and more surface covering for easier walking.
  • Non-slip and non-wrinkle in the carpet and extend the life of the carpet.
  • Easy ordering and easy access to the desired design, size, color and shape of the carpet in the highest elegance in the shortest possible time.
  • The possibility of requesting a quick and comfortable presence of Specialized Aladdin & Eslimi in the location and consulting if needed.
  • Easy replacement and change or even repairs when carpets injure.
  • Comfortable, fast and convenient washing and cleaning in the place without any movement operations.
  • without any decay, moths and abrasion.
  • Having warranty on the efficient life of the carpet and maintaining firmness and health in the joining lines.


After professional consultations in case of an agreement, Aladdin & Eslimi’s technical department will conduct mapping of the project site with advanced mapping cameras.


Aladdin & Eslimi engineers and expert consultants, consider all customer preferences and demands to execute the shape, size, color, design and material of the carpet, appropriate to the desired location and will be ready to provide any specialized services in person and remotely.


Aladdin & Eslimi designers after analyzing customer’s specific opinions and preferences, considering the position and shape of the location plan, will design the pattern based on the customer’s color and style preferences.



After approving and completing the pattern, manufacturing process will be performing by the most equipped carpet weaving machines, under critical control and supervision of Aladdin & Eslimi’s quality control team during the whole process, then woven carpet pieces will go for sizing process and they will be finalized. It should be noted that for the manufacturing a large and integrated carpet, due to the limited width of the carpet weaving machines, weaving is performed in pieces.

Manufacturing and Integration

After finalizing process, sizing process and completing the rolls, they enter to the Aladdin & Eslimi saloon, where they join together like puzzle pieces, under specific controls; all pieces will be joined together by hands of artificer and skilled menders, masterfully. They will be joined in a way that the stitching areas are as invisible as possible from the front and back and have the highest firmness against any placement, folding and rolling during transportation and washing.


Packaging and transferring of large and integrated carpets

Carpets which are made by Aladdin & Eslimi are exported to all over the world and in some cases, in addition to land and air transportation, they also cross the sea. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the proper packing method for carpets. The carpets which packed by rolling and folding have a thick, strong and waterproof cover. Then for sending to destination, they will deliver to international transportation companies.



In cases that large or integrated carpets are designed and woven for a wide, long and angular place or places with columns, after control and preparation, all carpet roll pieces carry to requisite location by the Aladdin & Eslimi specialist team to start installing the carpet, Including assembling and installing underlay (Carpet Foam) on the floor and under the carpet. It should be noted that underlaying increases softness when walking on the carpet, provide insulation against moisture, cold, and heat, and other important features like preventing slipping and moving carpet and extending the useful life of the carpet. After completing the installation process, according to the plan, the integrated carpet will be seeable and utilizable.


Washing large and integrated carpet

Washing large and integrated carpets easily accomplished in the location due to the large scale of the carpet and hard movement. Specialized Aladdin & Eslimi Services Group, with the most equipped washing machines and the use of experienced specialists in this field, washing and cleaning process accomplished in the same place without any movement and in a short time. Dear customers can also get specialized consulting with experienced experts of Aladdin & Eslimi and spend a reasonable price to buy an industrial, semi-industrial and household washing machines.